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How do I become an accredited training provider?

Ok, so first things first, follow my beauty academy pages and have a look at my website. You will be able to get some ideas on marketing.

Set up a Facebook page and Instagram page just for training.

To become accredited to be able to issue certificates you need an accreditation company. They check your manual and lesson plans to regulate your lessons. Some accreditation companies are: FHT, CIBTAC, Centre of CPD Excellence, BABTAC, The Guild of Beauty Therapists, HABIA, Professional Beauty Direct, ABT. Literally compare their costs and what they offer to match what you want to deliver and where you want to take your business.

You can write your own manuals and submit them or purchase them from other companies (you can amend them to suit you).

My beauty courses are accredited by the centre of CPD Excellence.

There are companies out there offering pre-written manuals.

You will need to design your own certificates.

Feel free to friend request me personally on Facebook and I will invite you to as many groups as I can.

Join as many Facebook salon owner and educator groups that you can.

I will help wherever I can.

You can also deliver courses for other academies.

Teacher Insurance – check your current insurer will cover you for this. If not, many companies do: Towergate, Insync are two that I am aware of. Look on our insurers page for links to discount codes.

If you are delivering education from home you will need to check your home insurance.


I have only completed my Level 2 Beauty and Level 2 Nail Technician at NVQ, plus various additional day courses. Is it required that I obtain a level 3 qualification (not as a trainer but as a therapist) to help me in terms of if I was to apply, for instance your academy?

No, it is not essential. If you wanted to train or treat internationally then I would always recommend an Ofqual regulated certificate for example from CIBTAC, VTCT or an NVQ. If you had recognised day courses and applied to our academy to teach, I would accept this as long as your AET was Ofqual and your experience and trade test was up to standard. I actually do not hold a full level 2 or 3, however all my qualifications have been updated from day courses to Ofqual as I did plan to train overseas.

So essentially, this qualification will allow me to train anyone in the world and for them to become insurable. 

Yes, any Ofqual regulated certificate is recognised worldwide. Depending on your accreditation company and their own insurance company, courses should be insurable yes. Ofqual certificates for sure are fully insurable, CPD would be dependent on the students own insurance.

What courses can I teach in relation to this qualification – and accreditation by whom? 

With the Ofqual accredited AET you can teach anything that you already hold a qualification in up to level 2 or 3 depending on who you deliver training for, to plus 16yrs (FE – Further Education)

Accreditation is by whomever you choose. I am with the Centre of CPD Excellence, ARAP, VTCT, ITEC, FOCUS and CIBTAC. You could choose ABT, Habia, VTCT, ABT for example. It depends on what you want to offer, day courses or NVQ’s. The accreditation companies are all different and really, it’s personal choice. I chose all the above as its industry recognised and provides Ofqual regulated qualifications for teaching, hair and beauty. So, I have the choice if I want to deliver beauty courses over 1 day of Ofqual regulated courses over for example, 1 year.

Is it just day courses or what else can I offer? 

So as above, day courses are fine and extremely popular and referred to as CPD courses (continuous personal development). As an educator you are expected to keep up your CPD points by continuously training and keeping up with industry standards. Day courses are extremely popular, much less paperwork but not always recognised in other countries.

What if I wanted to teach at an NVQ level as I know this is an excellent qualification recognised by awarding bodies and insurers?

Then you would contact VTCT, City and Guilds, CIBTAC for example and register with one of them. They have to assess your premises and policies and procedures to make sure you comply with their standards. It’s a lot more work but definitely something to consider.

I currently do hair and some beauty in salon, I would like to offer teaching courses, so would I complete the aet and be able to teach or what else is required legally so I can certify people who train with me?

Yes that’s exactly it. So I teach mainly beauty and some hair. I have the AET, CET and DET but also assessors and verifiers as I have my own teacher training academy. You actually only need the AET to deliver level 2 and 3 (depending on who you deliver training for) unless you want to assess in a local college. Our qualification is recognised by all further education colleges worldwide unlike some cheaper options.

After doing this course, could I potentially do a training academy for all the courses I am trained in? Would the council need to approve me and how/ where do you get certificate and things for this?

Yes absolutely and no you only need council approval for the premises. You may need the CET and DET if you want to deliver level 4 and 5 courses.

So if I train for my AET, I just need the council to authorise my premises? Do you offer advice on getting certificates etc and would who ever I train be able to get insurance?

Yes , CIBTAC is the same as VTCT Worldwide recognised and Ofqual regulated like City & Guilds. Once you achieve an Ofqual regulated AET, you can train whatever you are qualified in anywhere in the world up to a certain level. You need an accreditation company such as VTCT, CIBTAC, CPD, ABT, Salon Gold , City & Guilds to authorise your teaching and accreditation. There are so many, so do your homework on what you want you training to represent. You then design your own cert, meet their standards of training and deliver your courses.

How long so you think it would take to complete?

I have just qualified a severely dyslexic student who really didn’t think she could do it in just 5 weeks. She was amazing. We can do your microteach via Zoom if needed. It’s just 3 assignments.

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