Pregnancy Massage


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Pregnancy massage is a little different than a normal Swedish massage. Most women who are requesting a massage during pregnancy will do so for a reason. It maybe that they are feeling stressed and anxious, or they may be experiencing some of the many discomforts associated with pregnancy.



Pregnancy Massage has many benefits:

  • It can help reduce muscular tension and restore postural balance, which is very common during pregnancy due to the changes in posture
  • As with all massage, it can help increase blood flow and lymph circulation It can help reduce swelling (oedema) in areas such as ankles and hands Pain can be eased, especially in problem areas such as the lower back
  • It can help create a feeling of wellbeing, by reducing stress and anxiety
  • If you are trained in aromatherapy/pre-blend, you can select appropriate oils to assist in lifting the mood or easing pain
  • The calming nature of massage helps the woman concentrate on breathing deeper
    Blood pressure can be stabilised
  • Create a “pampering” effect
  • Touch can make us feel more connected to others and can improve self esteem
  • Body of evidence to show that relaxation during pregnancy can lead to calmer babies

Details of the Course:

1 Day Course
CDP Value 7
Pre Requisite Level 3 Massage or equivalent
£175.00 inc VAT
Health & safety
Code of practice for hygiene in beauty salons
Sterilisation & disinfecting
Hand washing techniques


Anatomy and physiology

Pregnancy and massage Positioning