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A deep tissue massage is not just a firm massage where you apply more pressure, but instead consists of different techniques that are used to allow the therapist to work beyond the superficial muscles, usually in a specific area.

Deep Tissue Massage benefits:

  • increases the range of motion (ROM) in joints improves blood flow to muscles
  • breaks down and reduces adhesions
  • can aim to improve postural faults
  • can aim to relieve muscle spasm and tension
  • improves the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to muscles
  • reduces stress on other muscle groups which may be overcompensating loosens the fascia of the muscle

Details of the Course:

1 Day Course
CDP Value 5
Pre Requisite Level 3 Massage or equivalent
£195.00 inc VAT
Health & safety
Code of practice for hygiene in beauty salons
Sterilisation & disinfecting
Hand washing techniques
Contra-actions Consultation
Anatomy and physiology
Massage techniques

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