Weight Loss Pen Training (Saxenda)

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Saxenda® contains an FDA approved medication called Liraglutide


Liraglutide is licensed to treat type-2 diabetes under the name of Victoza®, and weight loss under the name of Saxenda®


Saxenda® is the only currently licensed injectable prescription medicine available for weight loss in the UK


A simple injection is self-administered daily with a dose-adjustable pen that is pre-filled with the medication

Each pen will last between 6 – 30 days, depending on the daily dose given


This course delivers an introduction to Saxenda as a weight loss aid. It describes what the drug saxenda is, who it can be prescribed for, side effects, common reactions and how to use the injectable medication.


You will be taken through all health and safety and in depth consultations.


You will also be provided with presciber details so you clients can be approved for the medication.